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Since Centre Gestor was born in 1975, our main objective is to offer companies, self-employed and individuals a comprehensive service that allows them to grow and advance knowing that the management of their economic-financial activities and private affairs are in the best hands.

Year after year we have decidedly expanded our range of services and specialties and, consequently, our team. In recent years, we have also been committed to being leaders in the advancement and creation of technology in our sector, so that our clients can access at any time and from anywhere to all the information necessary for decision making.

Our culture

We revolutionize the concept of consulting to generate greater value to your business.


We put ourselves at your service with an organizational culture based on good practices, specialized knowledge, control over the content of the work and a strong service vocation.


The constant changes in legislation mean that we must and want to be constantly updated and that working transversally is essential to reduce our clients’ risk.


We are leaders in the creation of technology in our sector. We develop our own management and consulting tools and help our clients get the best out of their management technology.


In order for you to receive a comprehensive and high quality service, we provide you with a professional and technical team that is highly trained and in continuous training and works transversally to guarantee results.

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